Experienced and professional IT Manager with over 12+ years of valuable experience in monitoring project performance to ensure company success. Familiar and adept in working with engineering, industrial engineering, change management, and business transformation systems. Reputation for continually achieving on time and under-budget performance goals. Accustomed to handling IT support, managing IT projects, and supporting various engineering departments with IT tools and applications. Bringing forth a motivated attitude and the ability to establish strong and productive relationships with other company members.

Employment History

Director of IT and Technical Development at PH International, Vermont, USA


  • Created business requirements and technical and quality assurance specifications
  • Established and educated others on controls and protocols for projects.
  • Maintaining websites of whole Organization which consists of 6 country offices.
  • Responsible for maintaining IT Infrastructure of whole organization in 6 countries.
  • Implemented Jira as help desk solution into existing Virtual Office
  • Created Cloud which hosts files from multiple countries / servers, users.
  • Create and administer databases based on user needs.
  • Back up data and restore it properly to prevent any type of data loss.
  • Make sure databases operate smoothly and efficiently and fix any errors or problems that occur.
  • Successfully managed and delivered website projects as a project manager,utilizing agile methodologies and effective communication skills to ensure timely completion and meet client expectations. (https://lconline.ge)
  • Collaborated closely with the Ministry of Education in Georgia as the project manager on a successful initiative, effectively leading a team and implementing efficient processes to deliver high-quality results. (- https://schoolprojects.mes.gov.ge/)

IT Manager at PH International - Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia

OCTOBER 2012 — AUGUST 2021

  • Created tools for staff to access data easily though special organization Interfaces.
  • Developed database integration methods, ensuring products were able to work together properly.
  • Planned, coordinated, and implemented security measures to ensure the safety of all information.
  • Proven track record of delivering high-quality and scalable solutions using PHP frameworks such as Laravel and Nette.
  • Experience in database design and architecture.
  • Ensure data is secure and organized so analysts can easily locate information. Combine old databases with new ones.
  • Specified user access levels for database segments.
  • Created a website under organization for educational purposes and Civic Education advancements in the country.
  • Adept at agile development methodologies and familiar with cloud computing platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud.
  • Strong knowledge of RESTful API design and implementation.
  • Was mentor for kids in rural areas as Social Media Trainer (while traveling).
  • Responsible for maintaining IT Infrastructure of whole organization.

Back-end Developer at YappeCOM, Tbilisi, Georgia

JULY 2011 — OCTOBER 2012

  • Managing code of huge projects such as Social Media.
  • Implementing interfaces for customers, ads managing personnel, Average users.
  • Strong knowledge of RESTful API design and implementation
  • Working on database of the project such as SQL, MYSQL, Oracle, MemCache, ect.

Full Stack Developer at Vizitka.GE, Tbilisi, Georgia

OCTOBER 2012 — AUGUST 2021

  • Working in publishing ORG as Developer for 2 years.
  • Creating interfaces and live editors for Ads Banners, Visit Cards, ect.
  • Managing SEO and Google Optimizations ("Savizito Barati" in Georgia is still number 1 in search, therere some other keywords also which got in number one).
  • Working as back-end developer and Front-end (PHP, MYSQL, Bootstrap)

IT Manager at Geo-Coop, Tbilisi, Georgia

MARCH 2010 — DECEMBER 2010

  • Was responsible of managing Distribution software as 1C Bussines Administration.
  • Responsible for maintaining warehouse data, cameras, ect
  • Responsible for maintaining on car printers for invoices, Pocket Windows Phones.
  • Windows Server control, AC, ect.

Full stack Developer at Cerodena - Toy Store, Tbilisi, Georgia


  • Responsible for website and catalog products of the Company.
  • Creating delivery services technically and Company policies regarding any delivery orders out of company.
  • Managing SEO and marketing of the Company.
  • Was helping from time to time to implement new features.

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