Years of Experience

I'm Full Stack Developer.

Hello! I'm Alexander, highly experienced IT specialists in web development, database administration, and hybrid cloud seeking challenging roles to bring technical skills & drive success.

  • DevOps

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Database

  • Web Design

What I Do?

IT expert with unique skillsets, with one common goal: to make a difference. A web development master, a database security guru, and a hybrid cloud visionary - all driven to bring their expertise to new challenges.


Skilled DevOps professional bridging development and operations, delivering secure solutions through infrastructure management and continuous improvement.


Dedicated database management specialist with 10 years of experience ensuring complete organization and security. Committed to driving continuous improvement with technology.

Full Stak Developer

Committed Full Stack developer with 12 years of experience, providing top-notch services for efficient and secure server-side systems.


A tech-savvy individual, bringing their expertise in Hackintosh, Raspberry Pi, home automation, and Home Assistant to the personal projects they manage with creativity and a drive for fun.

Latest Projects

Check out some of my latest projects with creative ideas.

PH International

10 years of IT professional responsible for IT infrastructure and website project management, including business requirements, technical specifications, data access tools, and security measures. Collaborated with Ministry of Education on successful initiative.

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2 years of experience as a developer in a publishing organization, with a focus on front-end and back-end development. Have created interfaces for advertising materials using PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. They have also designed databases for e-commerce projects and have experience in database design and architecture, and have managed SEO and optimized search results, as seen with their ranking for "Savizito Barati" in Georgia.

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Collaborative Photography based platform for public photo sharing, private sharing, and giving access to a photographers to do same within their communities.

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WEB Frameworks

With a deep understanding of web frameworks and content management systems, you bring expertise to the table in platforms like Laravel, Nette, CodeIgniter, WordPress, React.js, Next.js, and Tailwind, delivering innovative and impactful solutions.

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If you like what you see, let's work together.

I bring rapid solutions to make the life of my clients easier. Have any questions? Reach out to me from this contact form and I will get back to you shortly.

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